Gas metering

Have real-time insight into your gas consumption at your company.
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Smart gas metering

Smart gas metering

In recent years, gas prices have risen enormously. This has direct implications for the operation of your campsite or holiday park. It is therefore important to gain insight into your gas consumption. If you have an existing meter, it is often easy to read it digitally. We link your gas consumption to our dashboard. This way, you gain insight into your gas consumption. At RecraPlan, we believe in measuring = knowing. We use pulse meters to measure your gas consumption. These meters are easy to install and do not require electricity. The meters come in different sizes. We have meters ranging from 1.5 m3 per hour to 10 m3 per hour.
How do you ensure that your toilet building becomes gas-free?

How do you ensure that your toilet building becomes gas-free?

One of the challenges for holiday parks and campsites is to ensure that buildings are no longer dependent on gas. But where do you start and what solutions are there that fit well with your company without guests getting a cold shower? A toilet building primarily needs hot water and has two peak moments, namely: - The morning - The evening To accommodate these peaks, you need to understand the demand for water. How much hot water do you need? Once you have calculated this, you can start working on suitable solutions such as heat pumps, PV(T) panels, etc. RecraPlan helps you gain insight into your consumption. They measure the usage of water, gas, and energy per building. With this data, you can work on a suitable solution. Without having this data, you might end up paying too much or have an installation that has too little or too much capacity in the future.
"In 2050, businesses must phase out natural gas."
We face a major challenge in the coming years to move away from gas. This ambition is necessary to achieve the climate objectives. This means that a lot of investment will be needed in the leisure sector in the coming years. At RecraPlan, we are happy to help with this transition. Feel free to contact us to jointly consider the steps you can take as a company, for now and in the future.

The truth about hydrogen

Many entrepreneurs we speak to see the solution in hydrogen. Hydrogen certainly has many advantages, but for a holiday park or campground, it is not the most obvious solution. Producing hydrogen from energy results in a significant loss of energy, sometimes more than 25%. This is because a lot of energy is needed to produce hydrogen. Additionally, hydrogen is a gas that is difficult to transport. Therefore, it is not the most obvious solution for a holiday park or campground. Producing hydrogen is particularly suitable when there is an overcapacity of energy generation from wind and solar power. Currently, this is not the case in the Netherlands. It will take several more years to achieve that. The development towards better and large-scale implementation from our current gas network does not offer a realistic perspective at the moment. Transitioning away from gas cannot be done within a year, but it is necessary to invest in sustainable energy. RecraPlan is happy to help you with the sustainability of your energy consumption.