Metering water

Prevent unnecessary water waste by gaining insight into your water usage.
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Smart water metering

Smart water metering

At a recreational facility, a lot of water is used, for example for swimming pools, bungalows, and other amenities. This water consumption comes with costs. Given the shortage of drinking water and the expected increase in water prices, it is important to gain more insight into the company's water usage. RecraPlan offers a solution for this: digital water meters that are read every 10 minutes. This allows you to have immediate insight into your water usage and quickly detect leaks or other unwanted water usage. Through our dashboard, you can directly gain insight into your water consumption. You can even set up a notification for any unwanted consumption.
How do we measure water?

How do we measure water?

If you have an existing meter and would like instant insight into your water usage, you can choose a digital water meter that you place on your existing meter. This meter is connected to our special network through our pulse counter and provides immediate insight. The digital water meter sends pulses that we read with our LoRa network. These pulses are converted into water consumption per cubic meter.

The installation can be done within a few minutes and does not require a power source. Water meters are often located in less accessible places. Thanks to our network, these locations are not a problem. Our sensors can be connected to the network at any location within a radius of a few kilometers.

"On average, we waste between 70 and 82 million cubic meters of water due to leaks in the Netherlands."
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Future of water

Due to climate change, the demand for water will only increase. In addition, the price of water will rise, as the costs for water purification will increase. Water is essential for the recreation sector. Therefore, it is important to consciously manage water and its costs. By monitoring water consumption, you can quickly detect leaks and prevent unnecessary water usage. This will save costs and contribute to a better environment. Water conservation may not seem like the first action to take for sustainable business operations, but it is still interesting. Scarcity in the future, combined with more heat in the summers, makes it necessary for companies to start working on this now. RecraPlan is happy to assist with this.