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The story of Recraplan
We are RecraPlan!

Recraplan is committed to a green recreational sector. With our expertise and innovation, we transform European recreation parks into sustainable businesses.

About Recraplan

Recraplan is more than just a company; we are a movement at the heart of the recreation industry. We recognize that recreation businesses are at different stages of their sustainability journey. While some have already taken significant steps, others are at the beginning of their transition. Our mission is to guide and transform these businesses into fully sustainable recreation companies. We strive for a balance where guests can enjoy their stay to the fullest, while entrepreneurs gain clear insights into their business processes to save costs and ensure continuity. We are convinced that technology can play a crucial role in this transition. However, it must be the right technology - technology that truly serves the company, provides valuable insights, and enriches both employees and guests.
About Recraplan
Wouter van Reeven

Wouter van Reeven.

Since he was fifteen, Wouter has been programming. He taught himself because playing computer games alone wasn't challenging enough. "The thrill when you've created something that actually works," that's what Wouter does it for. Besides programming, Wouter is adventurous. Traveling to distant places is therefore an important part of his life. The wanderlust is reflected in his career, studying at BUAS in Breda brings him recreational work and he grows to become a park manager at a holiday park in France and later in the Netherlands.

Convenience as a park manager

As a park manager, Wouter is always looking for ways to make things easier. ICT helps with that. RecraPlan started in the time of the pandemic when a maximum number of visitors was allowed in various facilities. If you don't have to keep track of that, but have an app for it, where guests can make reservations themselves, it saves time. "If you save time on basic tasks, it allows you time to think about a sustainable future."

Boiler malfunction

This sustainable future is also where Wouter further developed with RecraPlan. A boiler that often malfunctions, causing complaints from guests, led to the next step in the development of RecraPlan. "What if you know in advance when the temperature of the boiler drops, can that prevent complaints?" Wouter wondered. The answer turned out to be yes, and the LoRa network with temperature sensors was born. The step towards Legionella management was small.

Energy transition

The contribution that Wouter made to a project on the energy transition in the municipality where Wouter's park is located leads him to make the step towards energy management. There is little offer in this area for parks, and it often requires high investment costs due to the modification of electrical cabinets or the installation of gas submeters. As a result, there is actually very little known about the exact energy consumption in the parks. Much is based on assumptions, and comparison is even more of an issue in the industry.