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Calculate the costs and revenues from digital metering.
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Calculate the benefits of digital metering.

Calculate the benefits of digital metering.

In recent years, the costs of electricity have increased enormously. This increase has also significantly reduced consumption. This is because the additional costs immediately create awareness to use less. This also works for guests visiting a campsite or holiday park. When guests are aware of their consumption because they pay based on usage, consumption decreases. This has a favorable effect on the energy balance of a campsite or park. Additionally, it generates money for the park, as energy consumption is billed based on actual usage rather than an average estimate. It also allows for easier adjustment of energy rates in response to the increase in energy purchasing. Metering actual usage thus has a positive effect on both the balance and operation. Below, you can easily calculate how quickly you can recoup the investment in metering with our calculation tool!

Calculate costs and revenues

€ 0,100.3€ 2,00
€ 0,100.75€ 2,00


This calculation provides a general insight. Only products are taken into account. The installation costs are not included.

Number Description Cost
One-time costs
1Access point 585.00
25 KWh meters2675.00
Annual costs
1Costs of the recraplan dashboard per year 300.00
1 Costs of the sensors per year12.00

Costs first year:


Costs from the second year:

Total Revenue

Total first year:


Total from the second year:

Every location is unique.

Besides our fixed prices, we also discuss the wishes you have for your organization. RecraPlan has a fast development time, so your wishes can be quickly realized. In addition, RecraPlan offers sustainable advice to prepare your organization for the energy transition. For this, RecraPlan works together with various partners in the network.
Every location is unique.