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Metering electricity

One of the challenges in the future for recreation companies is the energy transition. The decrease in gas consumption and the increase in demand for electricity will be a challenge for recreation entrepreneurs in the coming years. RecraPlan offers various solutions to support the energy transition. RecraPlan offers solutions at two levels. Firstly, RecraPlan has smart sensors that measure electricity consumption. This can range from 10 amperes to 630 amperes. These sensors are easy to install and provide immediate insight into consumption and power usage. This allows you to provide your company with more insight into where electricity is going. On the other hand, RecraPlan offers the possibility to give guests insight into their electricity consumption. With smart meters and a dedicated app for guests, they gain insight into their usage. As an entrepreneur, you also gain this insight and can charge guests for their consumption. Through our smart and user-friendly system, you gain access to these insights. This ensures that guests consume less unnecessary electricity and that together you ensure that guests do not consume excessive amounts of electricity during their vacation.
RecraPlan Energiemanagement
RecraPlan Energiemanagement

Direct insight into your gas consumption

Over the past year, gas prices have risen enormously. The current prices have now somewhat normalized, but are still significantly higher than before. Gas is mainly used for heating main buildings, swimming pools, and accommodations. The hospitality industry is also a major consumer of gas. Do you have visibility into the gas consumption within your park? By installing smart gas meters or digitizing analog gas meters, you gain detailed insight into gas consumption - down to a quarter-hourly basis. This allows you to not only see how much gas is being used, but also how much is potentially being wasted. Often, a company only has access to the main meter. However, given the complexity of many business operations, it is advisable to install sub-meters. These meters can track consumption per sector or department. With this insight, you are guaranteed to have better control over gas costs within your organization. Additionally, it provides you with the necessary overview if you are considering electrifying devices that currently run on gas.

Prevent leaks and gain insight into water consumption.

When you want to make your business more sustainable, you may not immediately think of gaining insight into water usage. However, both now and in the future, water has an important value that you want to have control over. In recent years, water costs have increased, and given the current climate crisis, water will become scarcer in the future, further driving up prices. Even if you heat water for various purposes, such as sanitary facilities and swimming pools, understanding water usage is important. By monitoring water consumption and limiting it where possible, you can immediately gain a cost advantage.

RecraPlan has an advanced system that can detect leaks early thanks to our leak detection. With the help of our smart algorithms, we can quickly detect leaks. In the event of any leaks, you will also receive an immediate notification through our system.

RecraPlan Energiemanagement